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“Dear Edie,
I first would like to thank you for an incredible website. However, I have been frequently disappointed by your articles concerning feminism. I have always believed, and I think most feminists and dictionaries would agree with me that a feminist is a person who believes in equality between men and women. Male-bashing does not fit this description because feminism’s goal is not to put down either sex. To me, dancing is a great metaphor for feminism because in dancing both people have to participate. The man does not drag the woman around, she has to hold her own and move on. Both people work together to make something beautiful.

As far as turning men into worms, well, each person should be strong enough and secure enough to treat others as equals, and to even sometimes let someone else take some control. A “real” man does not need a woman who will always put herself second, or vice-versa. If a person has low self-esteem that is that person’s own problem, they should not try to blame it on someone else. I don’t believe in the idea that if I pay for my own dinner or that if I open my own door sometimes that the man I am with is less of a person. I believe being chivalrous is polite, and I appreciate it. However, not all people share the same opinion. If I were a man I would not mind to open doors or to pull out chairs for ladies, but if I were dating a woman who was not into that, I would not sweat it.

The fantasy that somehow the “good old days” were better because “men were men, and women were women” has little foundation. The reality of the “good old days” was physical and mental abuse of women, little to no job opportunities, and depression of countless housewives. There is nothing wrong with being a housewife, but when it is something a person is forced to become then it is a problem. Feminism lets a woman be a housewife, or CEO, a mother or a pilot, or both. We must not mix up reality with the fantasy lives of the women in old TV sitcoms. Lucille Ball may have played a housewife but in her day to day life she was also a dedicated and talented comedian. Edie, if it weren’t for those “horrible” feminists the best job you could have gotten was a secretary at Dancer Hangout, instead of being one of its innovative founders. Therefore, keep up the excellent work and take it easy on all of us feminists out there. I hope men and women can continue to strive for a better present and future. Remember dancing, like relationships, is a partnership.”
Proud Salsera and Feminist ”

Dear Proud Salsera and Feminist,
Great comments! Thank you! Something to think about, and consider.
I commend you for having the balls to write your thoughts to me. We need more people like you on Dancer Hangout.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!