Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Dear Edie,
Thanks Edie for talking to me about getting started in Salsa. I wish there were more people like you that really promoted the positive side of Salsa.

What I have to say is a little commentary about where I see Salsa going. It is very interesting to just study the social scene of Salsa and in particular why oddly enough when I chose a place to live in the next 5 years it will have to be around a place where Salsa is very positive. Before I moved to Colorado, I was in Korea and Arizona before that The Salsa scene in both Tucson, Arizona and Korea is such a treat to be around because there are no cliques and if there are they do not preclude people from dancing from one another. In order for Salsa to grow you almost have to have a community of dancers who are willing to dance with everybody. I will be the first one to admit that I have had my share of people who I did not want to dance with and some for good reasons but for others were for not good reasons. I noticed that in some places the dancers look at themselves as exclusive and not part of a community. That is where we as dancers need to stop that negative trend.

I am so glad that you are really bringing out the importance of Salsa as being fun and not excluding everyone. Edie you are in my prayers and I look forward to you bringing Salsa not only to a technical dance level but also the importance of maintaining the positive social level which is what Salsa is all about. When I first started dancing I would always brag to my friends how I never saw a fight or a dispute at a Salsa club because of the positive atmosphere that is inherent to Salsa dancers.

God Bless You Edie

A Devoted Fan…. “