Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
I just can’t get her to “move / respond” like the pros …

“Dear Edie,

I’ve been taking a lot of lessons lately, and have now been to a few Salsa congresses. To tell you the truth, I wish the women in my town would invest the time and effort it takes to get better at Salsa dancing. I’m finding that the better I get, the more frustrated I am with the women I dance with in my town. They just don’t seem to “get it” that the women we love dancing with have speed, balance and control. These girls make “us” men look and feel amazing, and in turn, we get better at leading. I get tired of having to hold women up, support their weight, keep them in line, and worry about them falling all the time.

A lot of women just want to style, with absolutely zero foundation. (balance, speed, control). I’m to the point of where I am willing to PAY for their lessons just to be able to dance with someone that can dance like other women in other cities.

I feel frustrated because some have speed, others have styling, and others have control – but they just don’t seem to “get” that we as men, need to HAVE IT ALL in ONE PACKAGE!

Can you give more workshops on how to get these women up-to-speed on what we need and want out there?

– Frustrated Male Salsero.