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Swimsuit under a flair skirt…

Do you think that certain swimsuits look better than others (e.g. the ones with more frills or the ones with the “x” at the back)? I think that the swimsuit that I have looks too much like one…do you know what I mean? It’s just a regular tank type with the entire back exposed. What do you think?”

Good question. One piece swimsuits are great for dancing with a skirt. The type should be the fancy, non-Speedo type. Don’t get the types that have words like “Nike” or “Speedo” on them, nor the types where the back has the four-inch width of material that covers your spine. Those are the type the Olympic Athletes wear, and because the event is televised, the entire world will know that you are wearing an Olympic swimsuit.

Get the fancy frill types with bare backs, cross backs, halter backs, whatever. You can pick any one-piece style, but avoid the “small butt” ones that crawl up and become a thong by the end of the first song.

Get the type that hugs the side of your chest (so nothing falls out) and your legs like dance underwear (so nothing creeps up). Try to find French-cut if you can. They make your legs look longer. Try the swimsuit on in the dressing room first (over your underwear of course). Jump up and down, do a spin, lift your arms up high, shake, jiggle, shimmy, hike your legs up, around, bend over, stretch, contort your body in every possible way to make sure nothing “pops out” nor “creeps up”. This will ensure you of the flexibility of the suit. And who knows….while trying it on in front of the mirror in that dressing room, you may even invent a new solo move in there!!!

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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