Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Hi, Edie
Could you please direct me? I have just found a partner and we are trying to figure out where we could practice Salsa. What’s our best bet? Clubs may not be very conducive for practices, and dance floors may be very expensive (or not?) I live and work in Stamford, CT and she lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan. Thank you for your help, regards
… Looking for a place to practice!!! ”

Dear Looking…
You can rent space per hour at a dance studio, or if you are absolutely broke (like I was), you can get to nightclubs an hour or so before they open – the restaurant-bar types.
Just start practicing your moves there! It’s awesome!!!

Places where I’ve practiced…

  • on the lawn,
  • in a large restroom,
  • in a walk-in freezer (restaurant in Italy, where we had to change and there was no other space)
  • at people’s houses,
  • in parks,
  • airports
  • in an empty parking lot,
  • at a local college in the gym on weekends,
  • in a hallway,
  • at work late at night in the conference room,
  • in the kitchen,
  • on the beach,
  • on a living room carpet,
  • at a Pavilion in a park,
  • at the mall next to some dead-beat store in the back,
  • inside of the back seat of a car (I swear it’s true… it was in Seattle, and Rico Bravo and I had to perform in a few minutes, his dad (Rico Bravo Sr.) was driving, we were late, so we did our moves all over, around, and on top of each other in the BACK SEAT OF THAT MOVING VEHICLE!!! omg….

ANYWHERE there is Terra firma

Because of my abnormal practice conditions in the past (anywhere and everywhere), I have since earned the reputation for being able to “dance on rocks”. Hence, the reason why I never complain about the condition of ANY dance floor, like most dancers do.

Remember, you’ve got to bloom where you’re planted. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Happy Dancing!!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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