Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

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Feel free to create your own personal Blog here with us, and tell us of your experiences and stories – both good and bad. All of us together will feel your victories and pain, help you get through them, celebrate, and learn to be better people overall…

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Consider this your relaxed “Hangout” during a coffee break or lunch hour, where you can immerse yourself in stories and advice that will make you laugh and cry.

Dancing Salsa magnifies your life in so many ways. Ask any veteran and they will tell you. If you step outside your “SELF” for a moment, and look at this dance from a ‘fascinating study of human behavior” perspective, you will feel as though you’ve had the experience of someone who has lived five different lifetimes.

There is an unbelievable correlation between partner dancing and Life. You learn SO MUCH about life and relationships from being a Salsa dancer. It’s scary. There is always a lesson to learn every time you have to create or leave a dance partnership, business, team, or relationship. We decided to dedicate the content here to pass on to all of YOU valuable life lessons and mistakes that we have made so you don’t have to make them again yourself.

Why learn the hard way? You can relax, feel safe, and read about hard lessons already learned from those who have the courage to participate in this Forum. This is why we are creating and expanding this site every day. It is here for ALL OF US to learn from each other, and be well-educated psychologically about what WE are going through at every stage of our growth process – both on the dance floor, and in life itself.

We are all “FAMILY” here at the Dancer Hangout! – Edie conveys and maintains that philosophy through all of us on staff and in her very essence as a person.

“Welcome”… to our Family!

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Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!