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“Dear Edie,
I’ve got a problem… You see, I’m head over heals for this girl from Puerto Rico, who happens to love Salsa. She also happens to think that dancing like in most American clubs is kinda funny. After going out with friends and seeing Salsa, I have to agree. I grew up in these American clubs and don’t know anything about how to dance Salsa. It probably goes without mention that I’d love to dance with her, but as a male lead, dancing with “me”, and my not having a clue… well, that’s not going to happen. There is no place around here that teaches Salsa (we’re in the styx) so where can I learn? Thanks for any help Edie.
– Clueless but trying.”
Dear Clueless but trying,
First, read and re- read the following sections here at Dancer Hangout:

  1. “Beginner’s Corner”.
  2. “Off Beat Support Group”
  3. “Dear Edie..”


Then, buy the following syllabus DVDs:
Salsa Syllabus 101-106.

Meanwhile, find a certified Black Belt Salsa Instructor in your region, open a school (we teach how to do this FROM YOUR GARAGE if you have to … all the way to running an enormous school with thousands of students)

If you really want this, (and believe me, after a while YOU WILL GET COMPLETELY HOOKED), I suggest you get your hands on the best Syllabus DVDs you can find (we sell some of the world’s BEST instructional dance DVDs on our site here). Study them, and practice them with a friend, mom, sister, dog, whatever.

Second, go to a Salsa club, find the best dancer there, and ask how much they will charge you for about 10 privates. Take them, pay him, and you’ll have the woman of your dreams dancing in your arms, and loving it!

Who knows, you may like it so much that eventually, you will become SO GOOD, you will end up dancing BETTER than HER, and wind up DUMPING HER for someone else!
Believe me, I’ve seen it happen. … and more than once.

99.9% of most men start dancing because of a woman.

  • To meet the girl.
  • To get the girl.
  • To win the girl.
  • To be allowed to touch the girl
  • To get BACK the girl.
  • To SURPRISE the girl.
  • To sweat with the girl.
  • To non-verbally express vertically what you want to do horizontally… with the girl.

For men, trust me, it’s all about women… Women… WOMEN!!!

Feel free to contact any of our instructors at www.BlackBeltSalsa.com for information / advice / training. They are the COOLEST GROUP OF PEOPLE I’ve ever met!
Why? Cuz they just are. .

Good luck to you my friend

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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