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Zouk “It Factor” Workshop

What is the “It Factor?” (click)

in Brisbane, Australia, with “Edie” inside her laptop (mid-center of photo) simultaneously teaching from Colorado

James Quinn-Hawtin, also known as “The Little Gringo” Zouk Instructor from Brisbane Australia hosted the World First “It Factor” Styling Webinar for Women on November 11, 2012!!
Not only is James an excellent dancer, but I was quite impressed with his style of teaching. He has a “gift” with crowds. Anyone who takes a workshop with James is truly getting more than what they paid for!!

Assistants were the beautiful Mari and the stunning Ammie – who worked diligently with Edie weeks before to plan a “nearly perfect” workshop for the women of Brisbane!!! A huge hug to the both of you for being so professional and “on-point” !!!

It was unique in that I was teaching various aspects of the workshop from Colorado – REAL TIME!! I watched the beautiful Zouk dancers sway away, and as the hours rolled along, they got sexier, and Sexier, AND SEXIER!!

The real “bomb” hit about the last 30 minutes…
… the women EXPLODED their femininity ALL OVER THE MEN!!

Here are a few Testimonials from that workshop:
From James:
Hi Edie and Mari & Ammie
I’ve read through the feedback forms and everyone loved the workshop.

Overall the girls loved most the session that they had with Edie
Overall the guys loved most the session that they had with me – and they also commented on the change in the girls

– “This workshop is a must.” – Alex M (female)
– “I’m lost for words! Fantastic.” – Hannah B (female)
– “Holy moly!” Anastasia (female)
– “I don’t know what Edie did to the girls, but IT WORKS!” – Gideon (male)
– “It was great! Thank you so much!” – Mayumi (female)
– “Gained real connection with my dance partner” – James W (male)
– “I can’t believe I finally know what ‘it’ is all about and now I can’t stop smiling! I will definitely work ‘it’ into my dancing and maybe everything else!” – Kirby (female)
– “Really interesting” – Stephanie (female)
– “Refreshing content. Very Awesome, even for the guys!” – Jerome (male)
– “It was all amazing.” – Alexis (female)
– “It was so incredible witnessing the change in the girls. It was so much more emotional.” – Matthew (male)
– “The difference between the before and after was intense!” – Daniel (male)
– “Loved Edie and love ‘it'” – Mercy St Just (female)
– “The workshop was totally amazing. The insight into connection with body movement is totally essential to dance with meaning and emotional connection with ANY partner on a dancefloor.” – Alison G (female)

Constructive Criticism (by more than one student)
– Have it AFTER lunch time rather than during
– “What Women Want” had more jokes, loosening up everyone
– Time management and flow, particularly at the beginning
– More food
– Equal numbers of male and female if possible. We were short a few guys.
Interestingly, only one person commented on paper that it would have been better to have Edie on a big screen (which was the original intention but we couldn’t get into the conference room)

Well done everyone